CO2 emissions and climate change are hot button topics affecting our planet. Whether for environmental, industrial, social, political or economic reasons, reducing CO2 emissions is an objective of many. Santa Clara, California based ReCarbon, Inc. has developed a commercialisation-ready solution recycling waste CO2 from flue gas, and with the addition of CH4 and applying proprietary […]

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  ReCarbon has developed a scalable, configurable and serviceable solution to reduce CO2 emissions and produce H2 and CO in industrial applications. The core unit of the technology is the Plasma Carbon Conversion Unit (PCCU), which utilises proprietary microwave plasma technology to disassociate CO2 and CH4 into H2 and CO. The key aspects of the […]

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ReCarbon’s core team have 50+ years of collective experience in system development and optimisation, having successfully implemented and exited from a novel medical device venture using a similar technology.  ReCarbon, Inc. (USA) Founder/President, Amarante Technologies, Inc. a Silicon Valley R&Dcompany Plasma source development, system integration, &commercial implementation, Lam Research Corporation, CA, USA Plasma diagnostics & […]

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ReCarbon, Inc. has established a network of significant national partners and licensees to deploy ReCarbon’s integrated solution seeking to connect the Carbon chain with the Hydrogen chain, and find synergies with industry and government. ReCarbon the Earth. Restore the Future. Australia ReCarbon Pty. Ltd. Canada ReCarbon Canada, Ltd. Indonesia P.T. Rekarbon Hijau Indonesia Korea ReCarbon […]

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For more information please contact: Philip Sohn, Chief Commercial Officer For Australia, please contact: Philip Sohn, Chief Executive Officer

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